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What is WordPress | How to make money on wordpress
What is WordPress and how make money with it

What is WordPress. If you are also coming in your mind that what is WordPress after all, you have this type of question then you have come to the right place.
Today we are going to give you complete knowledge about WordPress in very simple and easy words, so if you want to get every information related to WordPress.

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So you must read today’s article completely, after reading this post completely, you will get the answer of all those questions related to WordPress.
And do you already know what WordPress is and how to earn money from it, if you already know, then if you want to read this post, then you can read it
So you can read any other article, you will find many such posts which are related to Online Make Money, you can read it, so now let’s know the information related to WordPress.

What is WordPress

What is WordPress, WordPress is website building software. We tell this with an example, whenever you search on a browser and the website comes in the result.

Clicking on it creates that website, you are reading this post right now, it means that you are on the website, WordPress makes other similar websites like this.

How to make money with WordPress.

To earn money from WordPress, you have to create a website, only then you can earn money from WordPress. You are reading this article, it is only a website
Similarly, you can earn money by making a website, if you do not know how to make a website, then there is no need to worry about anything.
You can read another article published on this, in which complete information about creating a website is given, you can learn to create a website and earn money from it.
How to make website on wordpress
To make a website on WordPress, first you will need hosting, you can host the website on Hostinger, it will cost you some money.
Apart from this, you can also build any other website on hosting, after taking hosting, install WordPress, after that you have to install the theme.
You can download Generator press, Astra and Popular themes but you have to install themes that are fast and responsive, after that you have to customize the theme.
Install the plugins, after customizing it well, your website is built on WordPress. So there was a way to create a website on WordPress.

If you have any problem then you can read the article on it, if you still do not get the solution then you can watch the video on YouTube, if you want help from us, then you can take help from us, we will help you completely. will do.

What are the differences between or – What are the differences between and ; This is a CMS software, everyone can use it for free, person can apply Theme and Plugins according to their own and can also customize it, just you will need Hosting & Domain, after that you can create website on it. ; These hosting plans have been given like Hostinger, you have to pay for its hosting every month, you can create a website on it for free also, it also provides hosting for free, but you have only a limit in this.

How to install WordPress

To install WordPress, you have to buy hosting, suppose you have bought hosting plan of any company, now you want to install WordPress.
So log in to whichever company you have hosted, click on Manage website, then click on WordPress, after creating Admin and Password, WordPress will be installed.

Best WordPress Theme

  1. Div
  2. OceanWP
  3. Ultra
  4. Spencer
  5. Parallax
  6. Hestia
  7. bento
  8. Explorer
  9. Tc E-commerce Shop
  10. Astra

What did you learn today

Today we have learnt that what is WordPress and how to make money on WordPress. So that was WordPress.

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